Attitude of Gratitude

This campaign is all about self care and practice of gratitude to prevent burnout. Do you ever wish to boost your energy to get through the day? Too often, we have too much on our plate that we forget to take care of ourselves.

   In essence, professions within Disability Services have one thing in common - to give back to the community. This is exactly why we need to feed our soul first. Through this campaign, we want to remind you the importance of an attitude of gratitude, the driving force behind success for both parties. They say many people would choose unhappiness over uncertainty when in reality, uncertain times are actually the perfect opportunity to focus on personal growth.  Are you ready to transform obstacles into opportunities? You can and you will. Be yourself today and strive to be your better self tomorrow.

 Remember, fill your cup first because you can't pour from an empty cup!


Meet Rachel:

 Meet Allison:

"As an educator, I dedicate myself to each and every student. I establish a trust with them to ensure they know I believe in them. I celebrate every success, no matter how small to make sure they know that I am their cheerleader. More importantly though, I teach each student to believe in themselves. I use affirmations to inspire them to never give up, because if they believe they can achieve, then they will be more likely to succeed throughout life.

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I always try to stack the deck in the child’s favor. I advocate for each of my students, and work tirelessly to make sure the supports a child needs to communicate are available and in place. I provide services tailored to each individual student by learning their interests and try to incorporate them into their session; however, I usually have several other items ready to go just in case. Working in preschool has taught me that flexibility is key to keeping students feeling successful and motivated.

As a member of a team, I collaborate with educators, students, administrators, parents and community members alike to ensure that the skills I am working on in speech have the opportunity to be generalized across other settings. I also provide trainings for my team on how we can work together to increase communicative opportunities during daily routines. Afterall, education revolves around teamwork and trust. If we cannot work together in harmony, how can we expect our students to? I believe it is important to lead by example." - Allison



Meet Sharon:

"Title: "Comparison is the Thief of Joy" - Theodore Roosevelt


I think I first heard this quote in high school and it really resonated with me. You would think that after the awkward, adolescent years, you would really know who you are. And that's awesome if you were able to find your identity early on, but for me, it took a while. Finding the true passions in my life (the list is still growing!) has grounded me into the person I am today. I find pride in the fact that I can call myself a lover for all things crafty, a taco inhaler, and most importantly, a sister and friend. I just wanted to encourage you to find beauty in the little and big passions in your life and to stop comparing yourself. Stop comparing yourself to the fitness gurus and models you see on instagram. Stop comparing yourself to your friends traveling the world. Stop comparing yourself to everyone who you "wish you could look like and be like". I would never want this to come off as judgmental; it can be encouraging to see someone's weight-loss journey and it can be encouraging to see someone grow in a new culture and travel the world. Those things are not wrong to do, it's when we fall into the dark hole of comparison. We are all at our own stage in life, with our own struggles. Don't let comparison be the thief of joy, because the true beauty is knowing that it's ok to be struggling. It's ok to not have it all together. It's ok to be different."  - Sharon Shin

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