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This campaign is about grad school life. Through this, we hope to uplift those that are currently struggling in this journey (that they are not alone) and also encourage others to take a step forward to achieving their degree. As SLPs and other related professionals are in high demand, we need more people like you!

Remember, an expert in anything was once a beginner! You don’t HAVE to do this, you GET to do this!


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"Heading into grad school, I wish I would have known I didn't have to burn out. While grad school is stressful, there are things that can be practiced during that time that can carry over during the transition into our professional lives. You can still want to learn, be better, grow, and achieve good grades without spreading yourself too thin. I didn't think paying attention to burnout during grad school was important until I realized it didn't set me up to start my career in the most mentally healthy state. Striking a work-life balance/school-life balance is hard and it takes time to learn, but it is so worth it to keep your fire alive and burning. The field doesn't need more burnt out SLPs, we need more SLPs who are passionate, on fire, and know how to fill their cup." - Danielle

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