To us, there is nothing more beautiful than making a difference in someone’s life. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a person overcome obstacles and succeed. True beauty lies within the heart, radiates from positive minds, and shines through actions of love, hope, and compassion.  We are thrilled to spread this beauty around the world, small increments at a time.


We believe everyone deserves to be loved including those with disabilities. Actually, those with disabilities are the ones who need more love, attention, and thoughtful consideration from the society. Each client we interacted with helped us to realize the fact that the name of disability is simply just a label and it does not define who the individual is. Most importantly, we saw how unique each individual was, not less, and the fact that every individual has different strengths, needs and challenges. This is why every single one of them is “special” due to their unique differences.


One of our goals is to work on an ongoing project to raise awareness of disability in an effort to help lessen the burden of stigma placed on children with disabilities. There is not a single person in this world who deserves to be abandoned. We believe all men are created equal including individuals with disabilities; therefore, they too have the right to be happy.


We created this space hoping to create an online community for those raising children with special needs or anybody interested in working with individuals with special needs.



  • SPEECHY FAMILY is a donation program that was developed to support local families who are most in need within the disability community. Frankly, we were initially planning to partner up with nationally-recognized organizations to support families in need, however, we wanted to make sure that our ShopSpeechy supporters know exactly how their donation will be used. Therefore, SPEECHY FAMILY was created to foster a sense of community that benefits everyone involved.


How does SPEECHY FAMILY work?

  • Simply put, we direct a small portion of our total sales to our donation account. Periodically (approximately every 3-6 months), we will be announcing specific dates to submit a nomination letter from our supporters (people like you!) via our Instagram page @ShopSpeechy. Once the submission deadline ends, we will nominate one person (or one family) and announce it on Instagram. Then we will send our donations out to one family in need at a time.
    • Please note: The amount of donation may vary depending on our total net profit during a particular time period.


How can I participate in SPEECHY FAMILY?

  • Would you like to work toward social change? Are you ready to make a difference?
  • Follow us @ShopSpeechy on Instagram to find out about dates and deadlines for nomination letters! Don’t forget to check our Instagram Stories to stay updated on when our application opens!
  • Send us a nomination letter to info@shopspeechy.com to recommend a candidate!
    • There are no “templates” to this. It can be short or long, it’s your choice. Make it personal, make it yours!
      • Here are some potential ideas to include: share why a certain family deserves or needs the support, tell us about the journey, their strengths, interests, and more!


Who can participate in SPEECHY FAMILY?

  • Whether you are a professional working in this field, you know someone with a disability, you have a disability yourself, or you just want to be part of our community – you are more than welcome to participate!


How else can I support SPEECHY FAMILY?

  • Do your values align with our mission but don’t personally know anyone to recommend? Would you like to help us change how the world sees disability?
  • Donate by shopping at ShopSpeechy! Now, you can purchase something for yourself or a loved one AND give back to those in need at the same time.


Here’s what you can do to support us!

  • It’s as simple as ABC!
    • Purchase a shirt
    • Post an image of yourself wearing our t-shirt & tag us @shopspeechy on instagram
    • Refer a friend or a family member!


  • Start here. Start small. Start with yourself.