Early Intervention Matters

This campaign is all about promoting the value of services within the Allied Health community with the goal of being better recognized and understood by others. Through this campaign, we are here to raise awareness and education about communication disorders, early intervention, and family involvement.  
Meet Lindsey: 



Meet Elaine:

“After being in the field for 6 years now, what keeps me going as a speech therapist is two-fold. I focus tremendously on making personal connections with all the tiny humans and the families that I work with. To me, this part is HUGE! Not only does this help you build authentic trust and a great partnership with your families, but I believe this is one of the intersections in our work that allows us to contribute on a larger & higher level to our collective community. Also, 100% the joy I feel in empowering and setting the child + their family up for success with areas that are essentials (e.g., playing, eating, talking, connecting). These are my 'why' and lay at the heart of my work.  

The second part is how I fuel myself OUTSIDE of my work. What we do inherently is a big emotional and energy exchange every day! I have learned to say no, play regularly, nap when I need to, eat better, hydrate, exercise, cultivate mindfulness, and enhance practices and rituals (morning/night routines) that really grounds me and replenishes me so I can keep at this journey. Learning these skills have transformed how I deliver my 'why' every day and allows me to continuously show up wholeheartedly as a therapist.” - Elaine

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